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No-Charge Scheduled Maintenance

Finally, the car you want
is also the car that makes sense.

With no-charge scheduled Carefree Maintenance, Volkswagen will take care of your scheduled oil changes, tire rotations, and much more for 2 years or 24,000 miles, whichever occurs first, on model year 2014 vehicles.

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“Directions” (:15)

Motor oil becomes a mystery. 

Feeling Carefree

“Feeling Carefree” (:45)

Carefree happiness has many forms.
Like song. 


“Trunk” (:15)

Hoods. Trunks. End the confusion. 

  • 2 Years or 24,000 Miles
  • With no-charge scheduled maintenance on all 2014 vehicles, we help you save for the long haul. And a lot of short hauls too. All for 2 years or 24,000 miles, whichever occurs first.

  • Volkswagen Double Check
  • Come by for a Volkswagen Double Check within the first 30 days of ownership and ask any questions you may have while we give your 2014 Volkswagen a basic checkup and explain your vehicle’s features, like Bluetooth communication, DSG® transmission, navigation system, and anything else you’d like to know (if applicable).

  • At 10,000 miles
  • Visual inspection of airbag system

  • Engine: change oil and replace oil filter

  • Rear window: check cleaning nozzle functionality (if applicable)

  • Service interval display: reset (if applicable)

  • Service sticker: enter the date of the next service on the service sticker and apply to the driver’s side door pillar

  • Tires: rotate front to rear

  • Check for damage and function for windshield washers, headlight cleaning system, and wiper blades

  • Check cleaning fluid level and add if necessary

  • For applicable TDI® Clean Diesel models: check and add AdBlue® fluid if necessary

  • For Hybrid models only: perform a visual inspection of high-voltage components and the lines in the engine compartment and the rear of the vehicle for damage

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  • At 20,000 Miles
  • Same as 10,000-mile service, plus:

  • Brake pads: check thickness and brake disc condition (front and rear)

  • Brakes: inspect brake system and shock absorbers for leaks and damage, check thickness of brake pads, brake disc condition, and check brake fluid level

  • Convertible roof: check latch (if applicable)

  • Replace dust and pollen filter (if applicable)

  • Tires: check tread depth, condition, tire age, wear pattern, and pressure of all tires (including spare)

  • Tire mobility kit: check and observe expiration date on the tire filler bottle (if applicable)

  • For applicable TDI® Clean Diesel models: same as 10,000 mile service, plus replace fuel filter

  • For Hybrid models only: same as 10,000-mile service

View important program details