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The People's History

Tell us your story

Beetle owners. Over the last 75 years, nearly 34 million of these proud, quirky, idealistic folks have made the Beetle the most iconic car in the world. So tell us your story, submit a photo of your car, and become part of The People's History, our tribute to the people and moments that have made the Beetle an icon.

Submission Guidelines

Please note the following:


First things first, this needs to be your photo. It's about you, after all.


High-resolution photos are preferred—like the camera file or original photo scan. Remember, you're sharing your Beetle, so you want it to
look sharp.


Center your Beetle in the photo, if you can (like the diagram to the left). Landscape orientation (a photo that's wider than it is tall) works best, but don't worry if your photo isn't.


Avoid other brands' logos.


For legal reasons, it's best to avoid people in the photo, though it's great if you're in there.