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Helping protect the fiture of your VW.

Compare your options for Guaranteed Asset Protection. Compare your options for Guaranteed Asset Protection.

Unfortunately, accidents can happen. Don't be left unprepared if your car is stolen or totaled in a collision because your insurance company may only pay what the vehicle is worth. This can often be thousands of dollars less than what you still owe. Volkswagen Credit has designed a Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Plan to help our drivers prepare for the unforeseen.

Gap takes over where your automotive insurance company leaves off.

Our GAP Plan is designed to

  • Waive the difference between your car's market value and what your insurance will cover.
  • Be included in the balance of your financing plan through Volkswagen Credit
  • Offers coverage up to $1,000 of your insurance deductible*
Vehicle Value/Retail Installment Contract/Lease Agreement Term